Robert Pattinson: Babies Are Annoying

November 8, 2012 By:
Robert Pattinson: Babies Are Annoying

And the award for father or the year does NOT go to Robert Pattinson.

In the new Twilight flick, Robert and Kristen Stewart play new parents to their half-vampire daughter who ages at lightening speed. Like most interviews with the two Twilight stars, everyone wants to hear them talk about babies so Twihards can have their hearts broken.

So here’s Rob, not understanding how parenting works when he says his on-screen dad role was the best because his fake daughter got to skip through her “annoying” adolescent years.

“It is the ultimate fantasy, I guess, to some people that you can avoid all the annoying parts of having a kid, if they are already fending for themselves,” Rob told the Daily Mirror.

Strike 1: Calling babies annoying.

“[Having a kid] is like having a puppy. Just leave it alone and thank you very much,” says the actor.

Strike 2: Saying babies are just like puppies.

That being said, Rob says he adjusted to on-screen parenthood really well.

“No one really knows how to be a father when you first begin, there is no way to prepare for it, and it is very easy to react to holding a baby, especially when the baby is looking like a newborn and you have just delivered it. It is very simple, as it is just crying in your hands.”

All this baby talk comes hot off Kristen’s admission at a recent press junket where she exclaimed, “Dude, no. I can’t wait to be a mom!”

Oh gawwwd, these two are gonna have a kid soon. Noooooo!!!!