Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Split Again?

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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Split Again?
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Following their brief break-up over the summer when Kristen Stewart accidentally fell into the arms of Rupert Sanders, Robert Pattinson and Kristen are reportedly donezo.

Before everyone has a collective panic attack, let me tell you why this break-up rumor is totally false.

Our not-so-favorite UK tabloid The Sun, widely known for it’s less-than-factual stories and it’s obsession with RPatz and KStew, has just reported that things were really “tense” for Rob and Kristen over the holidays and Rob ended things with Kristen this weekend.

The Sun also alleges that the last time Rob and Kristen were spotted together was November 27th, not to mention Rob went to the Golden Globes alone.

First of all, Kristen didn’t go to the Golden Globes but DID meet up with Rob at the afterparty around 1am according to multiple eyewitnesses. Sure there aren’t photos, but still, we believe she was there.

So when was Rob supposedly breaking up with her? After the after-party? I doubt it.

Also, The Sun reports that the holidays were “tense” for Rob and Kristen because they spent it in the U.K. with Rob’s parents who don’t like Kristen. Too bad Rob and Kristen went on a couples retreat to the Isle of Wight over New Years, which is reportedly super romantic. Tense? I think not.

You can quote me on that. And if these two DO happen to break up, well, I guess I’m not the Twihard expert I thought I was.