Friends Beg Robert Pattinson To Go To Rehab

September 5, 2012 By:
Friends Beg Robert Pattinson To Go To Rehab

Here’s a headline we haven’t heard ever. A very reliable source close to Robert Pattinson has told Hollyscoop exclusively that Robert Pattinson “has a huge drinking problem” and that all his friends and family “think that he needs to go to rehab.”

Woah woah woah! We were as shocked as you were when we heard the scoop.

Apparently Robert has had a drinking problem for 5-7 years that has only gotten worse since his break-up with Kristen Stewart.

Well, if he truly does have a drinking problem he’s a pretty damn good functioning drunk. Did you see him on Jimmy Kimmel and John Stewart? He pulled out all the charm!

The Pattinson source continues, “He was drinking every day on the set of Cosmopolis and everyone on the set was aware of this.”

Apparently Rob’s drink of choice is vodka on the rocks, “His drinking is out of control. He loves vodka and drinks alone,” adds the insider.

But here’s the kicker. All his friends and family think his drinking is so bad that he needs to go to rehab.

“All of Robert’s friends are trying to intervene, everyone around him thinks that he needs to go to rehab.”

The worst thing is that Rob was slowing getting back on the wagon, but the cheating scandal apparently drove him back to the bottle.

“He was inconsolable when all of this happened and although he has gotten better, he is still a mess,” says the source.

Hopefully Robert can get it together, he’s just too talented to throw it all away on booze bottles.