Rob Pattinson's Violent Altercation Caught on Tape

August 19, 2013 By:
Rob Pattinson's Violent Altercation Caught on Tape

Robert Pattinson got into a violent altercation, shoving a man he believed to be an aggressive photographer, while leaving the Troubadour bar in West Hollywood last Friday night.

The problem was—besides resorting to physical violence in general—the guy wasn’t even a photographer, like he originally thought. He was just a random dude (a security guard) chilling outside the venue. Whoops.

Surrounded by security (and looking a little boozy) as he was escorted from the building, the 27-year-old was flocked by waiting paparazzi. That’s when Rob threw his hand up in the air towards a man’s face, knocking the guy’s glasses to the ground.

TMZ captured it all on video, where you can hear the assailed individual say, “He grabbed me on my face.” However he gave Rob a pass, adding, “He thought I was somebody else,” not particularly offended by the actor’s behavior.