Rob Pattinson: Most People Have Secrets in Their Relationships

October 2, 2009 By:
Rob Pattinson: Most People Have Secrets in Their Relationships

Rob Pattinson has a deep dark secret. But you have to watch New Moon to figure out what it is. Like we needed a reason, right?

Everyone’s favorite heartthrob is opening up about his new movie and why he thinks most people have secrets in their relationships.

“It is a love story, but there is something that gives a darkness to it,” Rob said of his relationship with Bella in New Moon. “I think most people like to have a secret in their relationship with their girl or boyfriend.

“It keeps things exciting. And, honestly, while it’s not an action film, this one is much more masculine. I didn’t feel as though I was doing a girly film and I could relate to this one way more.

“The second was always my favorite book and there is a lot of fighting in that. Also, in this one, what Edward goes through is a lot more relatable for guys, whereas in Twilight, it was quite difficult for me to express it.

“Anyone who has had a relationship break-up will understand if I have done it right.”

Two hours of Edward Cullen is enough of a reason to head to the theaters, but we'll take your word for it Rob! New Moon hits theaters next month--will you be the first in line to watch it?