Rob Pattinson on Kissing Kristen Stewart and Shooting New Moon

November 9, 2009 By:
Rob Pattinson on Kissing Kristen Stewart and Shooting New Moon

In exactly 11 days women, children and even young men will line up in front of theaters hoping to catch the first showing of The Twilight Saga: New Moon.

Young girls will cry, boyfriends will secretly wish they looked [or acted] like Edward Cullen and studio bosses will sit back with smiles on their face because they already know they have the biggest movie of the year under their belt.

Twilight heartthrob Rob Pattinson and his co-stars are busy doing the media rounds to promote their latest movie, but even without promotion, we have a feeling New Moon will debut at number one at the box office.

So what can we expect from the Vampire flick? Hollyscoop sat down for a one on one interview with Rob to talk about his passionate kisses with his rumored girlfriend Kristen Stewart, how fans will react to the Twilight sequel and his favorite scenes. Here are some highlights from the interview:

Hollyscoop: Edward is always looking out for Bella and her well being but you decide to leave Bella for a bit, why is that?
Rob Pattinson:” He’s just bored," he joked. "No, I think there is something about being deeply in love with someone that you start to doubt everything about yourself and see all your flaws and faults and I think it gets to such an extreme with Edward that he thinks he does not deserve to be with her anyway and thinks…and it gets even further than that he thinks that just by being with her he’s sowing her so and further than putting her out of the danger zone he decides he has to leave, he cant handle it."

HS: New Moon has a little bit of a darker side than Twilight, how do you feel fans will react to this?
RP: "You know a lot of people were saying that 12/13 year olds are the hardest audience & saying about it’s a Tween movie, Blah, Blah, Blah, I don’t think anyone involved with any of them has tried to make them directed towards them, I mean maybe people marketed towards them or whatever. I’ve never thought about that before so I think, I think trying to make it as intelligent complex film as you can because I think the material is there and the books to make it into a pretty deep, its quite interesting subjects. So I hope people will just think we are not being short changed."

HS: You play a vision for a majority of the film, was that difficult?
RP: “I guess to film it wasn’t that difficult, but it was quite difficult to know what I was actually doing. I wasn’t supposed to playing Edward as such, I was playing a figment of Bella's imagination so I kind of wanted Kristen to tell me how to do it but I was a little embarrassed. So I would say, Kristen how would you play me, what’s your impression of Edward? So it was kind of tough."

HS: You had a lot of passionate kissing scenes in the movie, is it difficult to get in the mode when you're surrounded by so many people during shooting?
RP: "Yeah... anything that has to do with pure, pure physical stuff is always quite difficult cause you…Always the kisses in Twilight or anything kind of intimate is such a massive part of the story, that its you have to tell a story within that and so even in the first one there was quite complicated scenes and they are always a really pivotal moment there is never…maybe there is one kiss in New Moon; right at the beginning where there is one kiss and there is nothing to it, its just that a normal kiss. But all the other times it’s always about either getting reunited with someone or leaving, I guess.”

HS: What was your favorite scene to shoot?
RP: "I really like the scene just before the breakup scene, the night before the breakup scene right in front of Bella’s house. Mainly because we kinda re-wrote the whole thing on the night doing it and it was just from the kind of feel of what felt right and it really showed how great Chris [Weitz, the director] is; cause we finished the scene and I went up to Chris and I said I wish we said something else, and then they changed all the lighting around and we did it again and Kristen ended up saying a new line perfectly, which I cannot say but I felt it was the right line to say and that was kind of amazing."

Check out the video clip of Hollyscoop's exclusive interview with Rob below...