Rob Pattinson: 'I've Had a lot of S**t on my Head'

August 17, 2012 By:
Rob Pattinson: 'I've Had a lot of S**t on my Head'

Three public interviews down, three successful attempts to avoid what everybody is dying to know about.

This week Rob Pattinson has been making the rounds, promoting his new film Cosmopolis to a list of outlets – Jon Stewart, GMA, The New York Times… But, from the sound bytes that have transpired in the past seven days, it seems that the Twilight star is determined to stay mum about his feelings on his longtime girlfriend Kristen Stewart’s cheating scandal.

His latest an interview came in the form of a MTV first. And, despite the fact that host Josh Horowitz had 30 minutes with the actor, no real KStew developments occurred along the way.

Though - to be fair – Rob made clear that there wouldn’t be from the start…

“You want to get tears, you've got to give me the big bucks,” Rob told Horowitz is a fake gangster tone.

But, when things got loosely goosey, the actor made a brief slip, exposing the damaged soul that lies beneath the iron clad promotional exterior that he’s been presenting all week.

“It's a relief not to get s**t on,” Rob said when the host told him that Cosmopolis was receiving some of the best reviews in the 26-year-olds career to date. “I've had a lot of s**t on my head.”

I think I just cried a little bit…

But that was about the only moment for relationship sorrow revelations. Other areas of discussion included more generic topics like trying to do your best as an actor, and the awkwardness of sex scenes where Rob has all he can do to “hide my belly.”

Yeah right…

The actor has also appeared on “Good Morning America” and “The Daily Show With Jon Stewart” this week. Both appearances also proved equally unfruitful when it came to emotional developments.