Rob Pattinson: "I'm Not Interested in Trying to Sell My Personal Life"

August 15, 2012 By:
Rob Pattinson:

For someone who is giving a lot of public interviews lately, he sure doesn’t want to talk.

Rob Pattinson continued his promotional tour of his new film Cosmopolis today, this time stopping for a sit down with “Good Morning America.” However, once again, he did a good job dodging the elephant in the room no matter how many times it tried to sit on him.

Following suit in Jon Stewart’s move of giving the actor a pint of ice cream to loosen him up, George Stephanopoulos presented him with a box of his favorite breakfast cereal, Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

When asked about the K-Stew cheating scandal and how it’s affecting him, Rob fumbled his way through a confused and wordy ramble that seems synonymous with his appearances lately.

“Everybody just wants to know: how are you doing?” he told Stephanopoulos. “What do you want your fans to know about what's going on in your personal life?”

He continued, “Um, I'd like my fans to know that Cinnamon Toast Crunch is just 130 calories. Pretty much everything that comes out of my mouth is irrelevant.”

No kidding, Rob… Judging by the last two interviews he gave, I think along with his innocence, Kristen stole his ability to form a sentence when she cheated on him with Rupert Sanders.

Though - to be fair - he did admit to not having a publicist on “The Daily Show” with Jon Stewart on Monday.

“You go into it to do movies,” Rob continued. “I'm not interested in trying to sell my personal life. The reason why you go onto TV is to promote movies.”

Stephanopoulos pushed on, giving the desperate actor every ounce of assistance that he could, offering, “You seem to be doing okay.”

Rob replied simply, “Yeah, yeah.”

Even with this blunder of an interview appearance, it’s hard to be too tough on a guy that just had his back stabbed and his heart ripped out by the gal that he used to rub fangs with.

Rob’s new film, Cosmopolis, directed by David Cronenberg, opens in theaters this weekend.