Rob Pattinson: I'm Going To Die at 30

June 14, 2010 By:
Rob Pattinson: I'm Going To Die at 30

Rob Pattinson has a morbid side to him! In a new interview with Nightline, the Twilight star says he thinks his life will end when he’s 30 years old—which is only 6 years away.

"I guess I just thought if too many good things happen, then you're going to die at 30," he says in the interview that airs tonight. "I didn't want that to happen. "Yeah, so probably, I'm going to die at 30. Actually, it's God saying, 'Hey, you shouldn't have asked for too much.'"

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No, Rob! You haven’t asked for too much! And we need to see more of you! But Pattinson basically explains how “crazy” it was to become a huge international sensation almost overnight.

"It's not what people tell you when people warn you of being an actor," he says. "If and when I have children, [and] they ask if they want to be actors, I'm like 'Yeah, it's great. You don't have to do anything. Everything goes right.'"

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And unlike Kristen Stewart, who always has something Debbie Downer-ish to say about fame, Rob says he tries to enjoy it, "rather than looking like it's freaking you out and you want to leave."

He does miss some things about anonymity, however. "I used to spend a lot of time walking in cities by myself, and I can't really do that without being, um, a little paranoid," he says. "You get better at hiding and you get better at choosing which areas are the right areas to go to. And you also get better at interacting with strangers."

Rob says he’s lucky that he truly is close to his Twilight co-stars, saying, “Everyone sort of sticks together and supports each other ... everyone's so young still and no one's really going around stabbing each other in the back yet."

Keyword: “yet!” No, we can tell that Taylor Lautner, Rob, and most of the other cast members aren’t huge drama queens, and seem grateful for everything that has come their way.

Here’s to many, many more years of Rob’s success! Catch Nightline tonight on ABC at 11:35PM.