Rob Pattinson Hit By a Cab in NYC

June 18, 2009 By:
Rob Pattinson Hit By a Cab in NYC

Rob Pattinson was hit by a taxicab while filming his new movie Remember Me in New York City today.

What’s interesting is that Rob wasn’t even technically filming a scene when the accident occurred. He was trying to run away from screaming fans. That’s when you know things have gotten out of hand!

Rob had been shooting inside for most of the morning, but had moved outside, and was crossing the street at Broadway and 12th St. when he was struck.

Rob was surrounded by five bodyguards, trying to hustle him through the pouring rain to his trailer when he was clipped by the cab on his hip.

Radar reports that Rob stood there for a second looking stunned. Then one of the bodyguards screamed at the fans, "You see what you did, you almost killed him!"

Those poor girls are probably going to go into a depression now. But at least they’ll probably leave him alone now. This is definitely a sign that the production needs to take measures to block off the sets so actors are safe. Luckily Rob is doing fine, and is just a little shaken up.