Rob Pattinson Gets Mobbed By Fans on New Film Set

June 16, 2009 By:
Rob Pattinson Gets Mobbed By Fans on New Film Set

Rob Pattinson had a tough first day on the set of his new film Remember Me. The film is shooting in New York City, so it’s tough to keep a closed set when the movie shoots right in the middle of the city.

And that meant hundreds of screaming fans trying to get a piece of Rob. Apparently the crew was undersized yesterday as well. The tween fans went wild on the set, even screwing up takes by screaming his name while the cameras were rolling.

An on-set source reveals to Ok!, "You could tell it was all starting to get to him, especially the hecklers. He's been as friendly as possible to everyone; he even nicely brushed off a swarm of girls trying to get a picture with him, but after all the commotion, he needed to take a break for some personal time."

Rob even had to take a personal time out at one point. The source says, "He sat down by himself, put his head between his legs and took a few deep breaths. But after that, it was right back to work — very professional."

That’s got to be so tough! It’s probably impossible to stay in character and concentrate when all of those screaming fans are relentless!

Check out the madness below: