Rob Pattinson Calls Sex With Uma Thurman Disturbing

February 8, 2010 By:
Rob Pattinson Calls Sex With Uma Thurman Disturbing

Get ready to see Rob Pattinson like never before. He stars opposite Uma Thurman in the upcoming film Bel Ami, during which the two actors share multiple sex scenes.

But Rob will be the first to admit that they’re not all they’re cracked up to be. In fact, he uses the word “disturbing” to describe the experience he had with Uma while making the film.

He tells the Daily Record, "The sex scenes with Uma are kind of disturbing. Her character Madeleine kind of uses sex as a sort of weapon and my character thinks like an animal. There are a lot of sex scenes in this film, so I'm asking quite a lot of myself, and with lots of different people as well."

We have a feeling the viewers will think a bit differently! Rob also gripes about the Twilight Saga that has pretty much taken over his life lately. He says his career is on hold because it’s still unknown at this point when Breaking Dawn will start shooting.

"It will be strange but it will be great just to be able to know what I'm doing. Not knowing when Breaking Dawn is going to shoot - because it changes all the time - is a kind of burden, to have this thing where you don't know when it's going to happen. So you've got to organize everything in your life around that and that can be difficult."

Things could be a whole lot worse, Rob! Don’t get all diva yet on us!