Rob Pattinson Breaking Away From Twilight

June 11, 2010 By:
Rob Pattinson Breaking Away From Twilight

Is Rob Pattinson is gonna finally be known for something other than playing Edward Cullen in the Twilight saga?

He stars in a new movie titled, Water for Elephants in which he plays a Depression era veterinarian.

According to, his performance is so good that he might receive an Oscar nomination. That’s if his co-star, fellow Oscar winner Christoph Waltz has anything to say about it.

When fans asked Christoph where he kept his Oscar, he responded, “It’s in my house, but the way things are looking, I might have to hand it off to Rob next year!”

Many other insiders associated with the film are also commending Rob for his performance. One saying, “It wouldn’t surprise me at all if he were to receive an Oscar nod for this role!”

Water for Elephants is about a veterinarian who joins the circus and falls in love with circus performer Marlena, which will be played by Reese Witherspoon.