Rob Pattinson and Katy Perry Planning Romantic Getaway Together

June 11, 2013 By:
Rob Pattinson and Katy Perry Planning Romantic Getaway Together

All you Twilight fan fiction writers might want to cover your eyes, ears, and your fragile little hearts because here’s a report that will absolutely crush you—one that absolutely won’t align well with whatever chapter you have drafted in a Microsoft Word document at the moment…

Kristen Stewart is no longer in the story. A mere footnote in the latest news that Robert Pattinson and Katy Perry are an item.

According to The Sun, the two stars have “fallen for each other” following their respective breakups—Rob from Kristen, Katy from John Mayer.

The two have been spending more and more time in one another’s company recently, but it really had us lifting one eyebrow, accompanied by a speculative “Hmmmm...” when Rob and Katy were seen at a Bjork concert over the weekend together, sans Kristen.

“They are both good friends, but have been hanging out more and more recently,” a source told the paper. “Rob poured out his heart to Katy about Kristen cheating on him. She proved to be a really good shoulder to cry on.”

Now, we won’t blame you if you stop reading here and go back in the corner of the room you were initially crying in when first started reading this, but if you’re a brave soul, here are the rest of the alleged details:

"He stayed at her house in LA after they went away to Santa Barbara together for few days over American Memorial Day weekend late last month. Their friends say they have now fallen for each other."

"They are talking about going to the Bahamas in the next few weeks to visit some friends of Katy's. They are both hopeless romantics, so it wouldn't be a surprise if things developed quickly."

Where most of your (unfamous) dates go from bad karaoke to a Red Lobster, these two go from Bjork to Bahamas?! If this is true, and you won’t sleep a pleasant wink until Rob and Kristen are back together for eternity as the ancient Twilight legends promised, then hopefully Rob and Katy’s love gets lost in the Bermuda triangle while they’re there.