Rob Pattinson Almost "Lost It"

September 1, 2009 By:
Rob Pattinson Almost

Rob Pattinson became an overnight sensation, and he is still trying to cope with his fame.

After just one big movie the entire world knew who he was and not only did they recognized him, they fell in love with him.

He admits that fame made him "really paranoid" but he realized that he will just have to "accept it".

Pattinson explained: "I was getting really paranoid. But then I realized that if tomorrow I say, 'OK, I've had enough we're stopping everything,' it won't change anything.

"Might as well try to accept it and stay Zen as I have no control over it. It's not always easy. But whining won't change anything."

Rob admits that he didn't really know how famous he was until he attended the Cannes Film Festival this past year.

He told France’s Premiere magazine: "I was in a restaurant during a break, and when I came out two hours later, 500 people were waiting for me at the exit.

"It was total chaos. But I'm sure that if I’d said to one of those girls, 'Come on, let's go have breakfast,' she would have been totally embarrassed and would never scream my name again."

The good news is that he's learned to cope with his fame and it really didn't take him long. There are some actors who struggle with that for years.