Rob and Kristen: The Paps Make Us Hide

May 17, 2010 By:
Rob and Kristen: The Paps Make Us Hide

Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart blame their hermit lifestyle on the paparazzi insisting they're scared to leave their house.

The rumored couple told the USA Today that they avoid leaving the house so they don't get photographed together.

“I don’t know if this is the actual reason why, but we have gotten better at hiding over the last year,” Rob said, referring to the tabloids at grocery checkouts.

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“That’s totally the reason,” Stewart adds. “They just make up a story to go along with the pictures. If they never get the picture, there’s no story. We are just good hiders now.”

We're assuming they're talking about the infamous photo of them walking hand in hand towards a private jet last year. It's hard not to assume they're dating when they're always holed up in hotel rooms together and the one time we see them they're holding hands.