Rob and Kristen Jet to an Island for NYE

January 5, 2010 By:
Rob and Kristen Jet to an Island for NYE

Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart couldn’t escape our sondering minds for long! We’ve just learned that the elusive couple spent New Year’s Eve together—on an island!

According to People, Rob and Kristen were spotted by a fan on NYE in Ventnor, which is a resort on the Isle of Wight, just 80miles south of London. Rather than shun fans, the two reportedly posed for pictures outside a grocery store.

Word got out fast that the Twilight stars were there. "All the young girls have been trying to find him," said store manager Jez Harmer. "They have been out on a hunt."

Ventnor is a common place for celebrities to hide out to get away from London. A local blogger added, "Well-known artists and musicians have found that they can live normal lives in Ventnor, away from the media glare. So others tend to follow suit by choosing our lovely town for their special getaways."

Maybe Rob and Kristen’s new year’s resolution is to admit their relationship with their fans!