Rita Ora Wants to "Shag" Rob Pattinson & "Shoot" Rob Kardashian

February 1, 2013 By:
Rita Ora Wants to

It's the dramatic high school relationship that just won't stay in homeroom.

That British Girl Who Doesn't Dye Her Roots Ever & Is Always Getting Detention for Breaking Dress Code, better known in music class as Rita Ora, sat down with an Australian radio show to talk about her music, but it quickly turned into every teenager's favorite game to play when the study hall supervisor isn't looking: Shag, Marry, Shoot. (Um, remember when it was enough to just play some MASH? Kids these days!)

On the "Kyle & Jackie O" program, Rita was presented with the names of the three hottest guys on the varsity lacrosse team: Rob Pattinson, Rob Kardashian, and Robert De Niro.

After contemplating this like an analogy on the SATs, Rita answered, "Okay, here we go, I would marry Robert De Niro, I would shag Robert Pattinson and I would definitely, definitely shoot Rob Kardashian."

2400! Perfect score! Rita just took this high school relationship from the cafeteria to the courtyard.

Of course, Rita has her reasons for slamming Rob. Last year, he called her out on Twitter saying she cheated on him and slept with 20 other guys while they were still together. He basically pulled a Regina George and put this Burn Book on blast, photocopying it and plastering it all over the social media hallways. Let's just say she's still a little angry about it.

Anyway, surely the word has made its way across campus by now to Rob. Like, he's definitely already unfollowed her on Vine by now. Who knows if he'll even acknowledge her in remedial math tomorrow. And now Rita's dragging homecoming queen and king Kristen Stewart and R-Patz into this whole thing? OMG, you guys, there hasn't been this much drama since that time Selena Gomez sang a cover of "Cry Me A River"for the high school talent show after breaking up with Justin Bieber!