Why Nicholas Hoult Is The New Robert Pattinson

February 7, 2013 By:
Why Nicholas Hoult Is The New Robert Pattinson
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Now that Twilight is over, Robert Pattinson has lost some of his Robert Pattinson-y-ness, which makes us wonder, who is going to be the next unconventionally handsome leading actor to appeal to tweens and housewives alike!

Nicholas Hoult, that’s who.

Nicholas Hoult stars in the new zombie romance Warm Bodies and recently broke off a long-term relationship with Hollywood IT girl Jennifer Lawrence.

So what makes HIM the next RPatz besides being British and starring in supernatural romance flicks?

“Obviously with this Warm Bodies movie, if part of what we are looking for in this magic ‘Who will be the next Robert Pattinson’ equation is that chemistry that is going to appeal to teenage girls, then Warm Bodies seems to be the movie that would do it for him,” Peter Debruge, Senior Film Critic for Variety, tells Hollyscoop.

Much like Rob, Nicholas has unconventional good looks. One might even call them “weirdly hot,” or maybe that’s just what we call RPatz?

“What is interesting about Nicholas Hoult is that he went from being a frumpy looking kid to a very striking young man. He would stand out in a crowd. He is not someone that has average features by any means. That seems to be his edge,” adds Debruge.

But when we asked Nicholas what he thought of the RPatz comparison, he told us, "I don't think so, no, I mean we're both English maybe there will be some comparison, I don't know. I wouldn't want to compete with him, he's a real heartthrob through and through."

What do you think Hollyscoopers? Twihards? Is Nicholas Hoult the new Robert Pattinson? Or what about Eddie Redmayne? Or Garrett Hedlund? Or is Robert Pattinson STILL the new Robert Pattinson?