Kristen Stewart Planning Crappy Date Night For Robert Pattinson

March 14, 2013 By:
Kristen Stewart Planning Crappy Date Night For Robert Pattinson

The rumor mill has imploded with stories that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have called it quits.

Rob is filming a movie in Australia and even though he’s been there for 2 months, Kristen hasn’t visited him ONCE. But she does have time to hang out with Taylor Lautner and go to concerts with her besties, because that’s how relationships work.

Well, turns out they ARE still together and Kristen is planning a blow-out date for his return, except it’s the lamest possible date night we’ve ever heard of and we went to Del Taco on a date once, so this is saying A LOT!

Kristen and Rob’s Date Itinerary (According to OK! Magazine):

LAX – First stop, LAX. Kristen is going to pick Rob up at the airport on his return from Australia and SURPRISE she’s going to be sitting in the back of the limo! Waiting for him! Get it? Because he didn’t know she would be in the limo! It’s a surprise! Also, who rents limos after 1999? Kim Basinger?

Dinner – Kristen knows Rob will be jet-lagged, so she’s not going to bother with going to one of those new-fangled fancy restaurants. She’s surprising him with wine, pizza, and the pleasure of her company! “That’s all the both want,” says the source. Who doesn't want pizza in the back of a limo and wine that will probably come out of a box!

The Embargo – Rob’s friends are reportedly anxiously awaiting his return, but Kristen has told them he’s hers and only hers for the “first 24 hours!” Ohh, she’s holding him hostage! How cute!

Taylor Lautner - And then Taylor Lautner shows up and they all hold hands and watch Twilight DVD's. We're kidding.