Kristen Stewart 'Livid' Over Robert Pattinson’s Steamy Photo Shoot

April 4, 2013 By:
Kristen Stewart 'Livid' Over Robert Pattinson’s Steamy Photo Shoot
Image By: Splash News

Robert Pattinson shot a really steamy ad campaign over the summer which features him making out with models and having a foursome. The campaign is apparently going to send Kristen Stewart over the edge.

Really? Because Kristen Stewart's range of emotions starts at “sleepy” and ends at “grumpy” we don’t really believe she’s going to be “livid,” especially since Rob is “fake cheating” for a modeling job and Kristen “real cheated” for an infidelity thing.  

A source close to the actress told Life & Style, “Kristen will be livid. In one scene, Rob’s shirtless while stimulating a foursome with three hot blonde models.”

Wait, that happens in the ad? Tell us more, and do it in excruciating detail...

The ad will also supposedly feature “Rob and the model in the swimming pool making out and he’s seen giving her a blow back with a cigarette at one stage, too.”

“Kristen has no idea what she’s in for,” adds the source.

Well, we’ll see what really happens when this hotly anticipated ad campaign actually comes out.  

Also, a separate source told In Touch that Kristen is being annoyingly upbeat, fearing that Rob will leave her again. 

“Kristen’s being a real sweetie. She’s much more available, much more committed to Rob. Kristen’s doing everything she can to make it work. She’s been a lot cooler.”

Yeah, yeah, we’ll believe it when we see some photos. No seriously, Rob, Kristen, can you guys walk outside and hold hands? That would be great! KTHXBAI!