Kristen Stewart Denies Dating Rob Pattinson

July 31, 2009 By:
Kristen Stewart Denies Dating Rob Pattinson

Sorry to disappoint all you Twilight fans, but Kristen Stewart has officially shot down rumors of on off screen romance with Rob Pattinson

When Britain’s Top of The Pops magazine asked Kristen if she left her boyfriend Michael Angarano for Rob, she said, “No. Rob and I are good friends.

"We went through a lot together, so we feel very close. I’ve acquired a good buddy and that’s a big deal, but I haven’t left my boyfriend for Robert Pattinson!”

When Kristen and Rob were in Comic-Con in San Diego together, one reporter asked them about their relationship, Kristen rolled her eyes, laughed and said, “Are you kidding me?”

Another reporter said, “This question is for Kristen and Robert. You guys have great chemistry on film, romantically. Is there any chemistry off camera?” Kristen and Rob didn't even bother answering.

Kristen and Rob had spent most of the summer apart, and that still didn't stop the rumors from swirling. Rob spent the summer on the French Riviera at Cannes, then in New York City shooting the teary romance, Remember Me with Lost hottie Emilie de Ravin. Meanwhile Kristen shot the Joan Jett biopic, The Runaways, in Los Angeles this summer.

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