Inside Rob and Kristen's London Love Nest

November 22, 2011 By:
Inside Rob and Kristen's London Love Nest

Things are getting serious between these two. They've rented out a luxurious London apartment and are considering adopting a dog together. A dog! That means forever.

Twilight stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have rented out a little love nest in London, where Robert's from. The two have been busy these days, with Stewart filming her upcoming flick, Snow White And The Huntsman and both of them promoting the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn. Not that they really even need to promote that. You could write the word "Twilight" in chalk on the sidewalk, and thousands of Twihards would line up for days just to look at it.

But back to Rob and Kristen's London pad. Located in Notting Hill, the apartment is ultra modern, decorated in a minimalist style with muted, nude shades. A freestanding stairway leads to a loft style bedroom over the dining room. The kitchen is open, in the middle of the room. On the other side of the apartment is the living area, which has plenty of room for entertaining. The bedroom is pretty simple. Actually, the whole apartment is surprisingly simple and modest for two people who are like, the hugest movie stars on the planet right now. You might not be a Twilight fan, but sorry, it's true.

Then there's the rooftop. With breathtaking views of London, there's plenty of seating and lounging and looking-under-the-stars area for the couple.

The two were spotted coming home to their new London apartment after dinner last night. Stewart must've had a tough day on set of Snow White And The Huntsman, because both of her hands appeared bruised and bloody.

Recently, at the London premiere of Twilight: Breaking Dawn, the couple reportedly got into a heated argument, according to the Daily Mail:

"It all kicked off when he suggested they do photos with just the two of them," revealed a source. "He kept asking Kristen if she was OK and she snapped back, 'We'll talk about it later'. Rob consoled himself by hanging out with his sister Lizzie, talking music and having a laugh. His big passion is singing, and he loves his big sister's music. They're currently writing and arranging a couple of tracks together."

Another source told Us Weekly: "He is always worried about her leaving him. She will blow him off, and it makes him crazy. Rob's eager to settle down, but Kristen is far from ready to walk down the aisle."

Vampires are so needy.