How Robert Pattinson Gets Ripped: RPatz's Workout Revealed

November 16, 2012 By:
How Robert Pattinson Gets Ripped: RPatz's Workout Revealed

Ladies, if you thought your favorite vampire hero Robert Pattinson just looked like he was carved out of marble naturally, you would be wrong.

RPatz works hard with a trainer to get his body into movie star shape.

Hollyscoop got all the details on RPatz’ perfect bod from his trainer Harley Pasternak.

Not only is Harley the personal trainer for superstars like Lady Gaga and Jessica Simpson, he tells us, “I train [Robert Pattinson] for everything.”

Rob is a pretty thin guy, but we all know he likes to throw back a few beers, so his workout plan is mostly about getting him into shape for whatever role he’s playing. If he going to be mostly naked like in Cosmopolis or if he playing aristocratic Parisian royalty like in Bel Ami and can’t get too buff.

“It depends what we need at the time. It depends if he has had a lot of time off and has had a pint or two and needs to drop some body fat. Other times he is really thin and we need to put some muscle on him. Throughout his career, he keeps changing,” Harley tells us.

But Harley’s favorite part on working with Mr. Pattinson?

“He is just such a great guy,” he tells us.

If you want to train with the same guy responsible for Edward Cullen’s six-pack, you can pick up the new video game for XBOX and Wii, “Harley Pasternak’s Hollywood Workout.”

In the game, Pasternak is your own personal trainer who whips you into shape with his signature 5-factor Fitness program, the same program he uses for his celebrity clients.