Hollywood’s Most Influential Fake Relationships & Why They Worked

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Hollywood’s Most Influential Fake Relationships & Why They Worked
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Just because two people walk a red carpet together, kiss for the cameras, and call each other boyfriend and girlfriend (or sometimes man and wife) doesn’t necessarily mean that they are actually in a relationship.

Hollywood is full of FAUXlationships, and they serve a greater purpose than love.

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson

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Now this is interesting, because these two might actually have fallen in love…for a while. Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson were paired together because there is nothing sexier to teenage girls than the two hot leads of the steamiest young adult film ever dating each other in real life. Of course, we’re referring to the Twilight franchise.

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Rob and Kristen’s real-life “relationship” was the greatest PR scheme ever. Detractors might argue that if “Twilight came out in November, then why were they still together nearly eight months later if their romance was all just PR for the film?” What the average person doesn’t realize is that the final film’s DVD hit shelves in March of 2013. When their relationship contract was drafted, the studio execs weren’t exactly sure when the DVD would hit shelves and Twilight would officially end, so they put summer 2013 as the couple's end date. Tabloids list their breakup as happening May 2013, AKA right on schedule with their supposed relationship contract. Kristen’s “cheating” scandal complicated things. Sure, Rupert Sanders cheated on HIS wife, but Kristen was never REALLY in a relationship with Rob, so she was free to kiss whomever she wanted.


Unfortunately Rupert’s marriage crumbled, but as far as Rob is concerned, he was never really cheated on, if his “girlfriend” was all for show. Sadly, Kristen’s contract meant she had to issue that public apology for “cheating” on her “love” Rob, which would mark the first time in nearly three years that Kristen had outwardly acknowledged her phony relationship with Rob. We think these two might have fallen for each other for a while during their arranged courtship, or they acted the part incredibly well for paparazzi cameras, but these two were over long before their contract said they could end things.


Taylor Swift and Harry Styles


For starters, any TRUE Taylor Swift fan can tell you that this relationship was fake before it even started. The song “I Knew You Were Trouble” is supposedly about Harry Styles, Taylor even performed the song’s monologue with a British accent one time as an homage to Harry. But the song was written nearly a year before they ever met! In order to explain how Taylor wrote a song about a boyfriend that she hadn’t met yet, the PR team that put them together put a gossip item out that Taylor had briefly met Harry a year before they started dating and apparently their brief encounter was enough for her to pen the song. So why did Harry and Taylor agree to this fake romance? Well, Harry Styles’ team wants him to be the Justin Timberlake of One Direction and he can’t do that if he only hooks up with British groupies. He needs to appear in tabloids and an A-list relationship is the only way to do that.


For Taylor, her entire brand is based upon being heartbroken and writing songs about it and the more famous her boyfriends, the more successful the songs will be. After penning heartbreaking tracks about John Mayer, Jake Gyllenhaal and Joe Jonas, Taylor had to keep up the momentum. Nobody would listen to a song about some unfamous rando who broke her heart; fans want to hear the “song about Harry Styles.”


Kaley Cuoco and Henry Cavill


Remember those two weeks in the summer of 2013 when Hollywood’s newest hottie, Henry Cavill, started dating TV actress Kaley Cuoco? The heart wants what it wants, but also WHAT? The couple went public with their fake relationship when Henry’s film Man of Steel suffered a 65% decline in box office revenue in its second week and was hit with terrible reviews. The studio couldn't make the film better, but they could make Henry a hot commodity that would get infatuated fans into theaters to watch their favorite heartthrob on the big screen. Henry was in a serious long-term relationship with actress/wrestler Gina Carano and it was holding him back from reaching full heartthrob status and this was keeping Man of Steel from reaching the kind of buzz that say, Chris Hemsworth brought to Thor. Henry’s PR team decided that he needed to walk around town with a hot young thing, enter Kaley Cuoco, star of one of the highest-rated sitcoms and apparently cool with fake relationships. Kaley later revealed in an interview that prior to “dating” Henry, she was never trailed by paparazzi, which makes sense, because they alerted the paparazzi on all TWO of their “dates.”


Are these the faces of a young couple infatuated by their new love? Not so much. 


Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron


By the time the High School Musical films were out, Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron were positioned to become very big deals, and they did. Well he did, she...not so much. So it made sense to pair the films' romantic leads together in real life.


The strange thing is that after Zac and Vanessa broke up, Vanessa moved on and found real organic relationships, but Zac got PR romanced again by actress Lily Collins.

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Why the obsession with making sure Zac is coupled up? To distract from his drug problems? To make him seem wholesome? After all, his fans are mostly teens, and if he is partying and hooking up with random girls, it doesn't look as sweet as a long-term relationship. Zac’s second fake relationship benefited Lily because she had Snow White to promote and a budding career to nurture. 


Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise


Of course, there have always been rumors about these two. Some Scientology detractors have even claimed that they “auditioned” actresses at the Scientology center to play his wife. These rumors were silently confirmed with Katie’s incredibly quiet and clean divorce. It was almost like they had prepared for the divorce the day they got married. But why did an A-list Hollywood star need a fake marriage? Well, he already had TWO failed relationships and this was 2006, he wasn’t the '80s heartthrob he used to be, and his public image wasn’t great since his involvement with Scientology had begun. For Katie, she was three years out of “Dawson’s Creek” and hadn’t shot to movie stardom. Marrying Tom guaranteed her fame, although the movie star status didn’t roll in like she'd expected. 


Ryan Seacrest and Julianne Hough


Obviously Ryan Seacrest has been trailed by gay rumors for years. It doesn’t matter what his sexual orientation is or isn’t, but when he started dating Julianne Hough, the rumors stopped. This fake relationship benefited Ryan because nobody speculated about his sexual orientation anymore, and Julianne benefited because this little-known dance partner on “Dancing with the Stars” skyrocketed to regular B-list fame and started nabbing actual movie roles.


When they broke up, Ryan bought her a $3 million house! That sounds more like payment for her services rather than a "parting gift."


Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn


This one is interesting, mostly because we thought fake relationships were a young woman’s game…but after her divorce from Brad Pitt and while promoting their comedy The Break-Up, Jen desperately needed a rebound, and who better than her fake husband in their film?

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Jen needed this fauxlationship because she was unfortunately being cast in the tabloid world as this poor unlovable old maid, especially since Brad moved on so quickly with Angelina Jolie. For Vince, he went from B-list comedy actor to a movie star’s boyfriend.