Great Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Movies That Aren't 'Twilight'

November 17, 2012 By:
Great Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Movies That Aren't 'Twilight'


This weekend, flocks and flocks of tweens and housewives alike will assemble like wolves to devour the final installment of the now groundbreaking Twilight film franchise. 

But Twihards hyperventilating that they will no longer have fuel to burn the fan-fire should keep in mind Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are actors—people even—and they've made other films worth checking out. 

Here are a few of the better ones… 

Little Ashes (2008): Rob plays a young Salvador Dalí. He sports a stache in this one, ladies! This was a film released in the days when the name “Robert Pattinson” was still becoming every other word batted around the middle school cafeteria. 

The Runaways (2010): KStew as Joan Jett in the days when she was touring the world with her sidekick Cherie Currie. Kristen and Dakota Fanning’s performances earn this flick a watch or two.

Into the Wild (2007): Kristen appears as a non-main character in this Oscar-nominated adventure. But she didn’t let her place in the credits or a giant age gap stop her from wooing the male lead.

Remember Me (2010): A romantic comedy under Rob’s belt that doesn’t involve Kristen Stewart. Rob gets to lock lips with a different gal for a change…Australian babe Emilie de Ravin to be precise. 

Cosmopolis (2012): This film’s release was overshadowed by the whole Kristen Stewart cheating scandal—perhaps you may have heard of it.

Water For Elephants (2011): Hollywood buddies Rob Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon play secret lovers in the circus. Some critics bashed this film, but the visuals are amazing and also Christoph Waltz is in it, so those critics can shove it. 

Adventureland (2009): Pure indie gold. KStew cheats on her boyfriend with a married man…Where have I seen this before?

Panic Room (2002): Young Kristen joins another all-star cast in this David Fincher film. If you’re having trouble spotting Kristen, she’s Jodie Foster’s diabetic daughter who you’d swear was a boy until you find out it’s her.

Snow White and the Huntsmen (2012): Another film that got lost in the drama of the summer cheating scandal that frankly you should be over by now seeing as Rob is…it’s worth a revisit now that the image of Kristen sucking on the director’s face is fading from our minds.  

Speak (2004): It’s fair to say that no one knew who the hell Kristen Stewart was when this film came out—even with Panic Room in her rearview. KStew plays a “selective mute,” which served as great practice for her recent public interviews.