Glamour UK Names Rob Pattinson Sexiest Man

November 17, 2009 By:
Glamour UK Names Rob Pattinson Sexiest Man

Glamour UK has just named Rob Pattinson the sexiest man of the year. And to that we say….Duh! Who else could possibly claim that prize right now besides our favorite vampire?

We must extend our gratitude to the Brits for bringing RPattz into our lives and onto our movie screens. The 23-year old insists he doesn’t focus much on getting these types of honors.

He tells the mag, “Kristen [Stewart] and I have a weird connection that translated on screen in Twilight but the hottest actor stuff doesn’t really mean anything. You have a month maybe with all this heat and hype and if you don’t capitalize on it, someone else will.”

Oh, he’s definitely capitalized on it, alright! Coming in second place is the uber hot Johnny Depp, followed by Hugh Jackman, David Beckham, and then Brad Pitt, who rounds out the top five.

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