First Photos of RPatz Getting Dirty In ‘The Rover’

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First Photos of RPatz Getting Dirty In ‘The Rover’
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Robert Pattinson has been hiding out in Australia for months and has absolutely nothing to show for it…until now.

Here is the first photo of Rob and co-star Guy Pearce in The Rover, apparently on the verge of getting killed.

If you are looking for Tiger beat hunk status RPatz like in Twilight, this is not the movie for you.

Ahh, see this is the RPatz we know and love. Hello Doll!

Rob plays a member of a biker gang in the near future. He is kicked out of the gang and joins forces with the dangerous Guy Pearce, who apparently tries to kill him at some point.

Guy plays a “dark, dangerous and murderous person,” says the film’s director David Michod and Rob plays a “troubled and damaged, but beautiful and naïve, soul.”

Beautiful is a relative term here. Get rid of that blood and grow out your gorgy vampire locks Rob and we'll talk "beautiful" again.