Eddie Redmayne: Why I'll Never Be Like Robert Pattinson

February 5, 2013 By:
Eddie Redmayne: Why I'll Never Be Like Robert Pattinson
Image By: wenn.com

There’s nothing like a dapper humble Brit to jump-start your Tuesday afternoon.

Eddie Redmayne, the freckled-faced actor from Les Miserables and sometimes Burberry model has all the makings of becoming the next hot new British import, and by hot British import, we specifically mean, the next Robert Pattinson.

Cheekbones? Check. Weird yet handsome features? Check. Alien-type face? Check. British accent? Check. Starring in a hugely grossing film? Check and check.

Eddie Redmayne could totally fill the void left by RPatz if RPatz ever decided to go anywhere.

However, Eddie can’t handle this accolade.

“No-one, no-one can compete with Rob,” Eddie told EntertainmentWise, “he’s in a league of his own.”

Eddie, the self-deprecating London-ite that he is, also claims that he doesn’t deserve his recent heartthrob status.

“I’m not sure that’s true,” he admits, “it’s very flattering.”

He also added that all his fans, “would be disappointed if they met me.”

Wow, zero self-confidence, he’s TOTALLY the new RPatz!