Director Recalls Rob and Kristen's 'Twilight' Audition: Sparks Were Flying

March 11, 2011 By:
Director Recalls Rob and Kristen's 'Twilight' Audition: Sparks Were Flying

Red Riding Hood director Catherine Hardwicke, who also directed Twilight, tells Hollyscoop exclusively that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart actually met at her house.

"When they met the first time right there in my dining room, it was kind of exciting. They met in my dining room auditioning for the part and you could see some sparks were flying," Catherine tells Hollyscoop.

When we said you’re matchmaker she said, "I like it!"

Shiloh Fernandez, who plays Amanda Seyfried's love interest in Red Riding Hood, was actually a frontrunner for the role of Edward Cullen, but Catherine believed that Rob and Kristen Stewart had a chemistry that was undeniable.

"I thought he could have been very good in that role... (but) he was beat out by Rob because Rob and Kristen because they just had that chemistry," Catherine said.

Speaking of werewolves, the movie Red Riding Hood is full of them!

When speaking about the movie Catherine said, "It’s super hot, Shiloh and Amanda and Max, there’s some sparks flying and it’s scary. The WOLF is a badass gangster."

Red Riding Hood hits theaters today!