Cameron Diaz Flirting with Robert Pattinson

November 6, 2012 By:
Cameron Diaz Flirting with Robert Pattinson

Uhhh, hi, does she NOT read the gossip blogs? Cameron Diaz was caught flirting it up with Robert Pattinson at the LACMA Film Gala event on October 27, which he attended without Kristen Stewart, despite the fact that everyone knows that Rob and Kristen are totally back together and definitely in love.

Did you see their Halloween photos? They were holding hands. Didn’t you check the internet yesterday? They are adopting a dog.

So everyone knows these two are back together, except Cameron Diaz apparently.

A source told Us Weekly that Cam was putting on the charm BIG TIME when she was sat next to Rob at the Gala event last week.

“She was pretty obvious,” says a witness, “Cam was seated next to Rob at dinner. She was touching his arm, doing her big Cameron laugh at everything he said and trying really hard.”

Oh gawwd, the arm touch and the laughing? Uggh, she sounds like every sorority girl's college career. Touches arm, throws head back, “OMG THAT’S SO FUNNY!”

So what was Rob doing about Cam’s obnoxious flirt tactics?

“He was polite, but not having it,” adds the source.

Yeah, Cam is SO not Rob’s type. Just too much feminine clothing and not enough scowling.

Since this incident, Rob and Kstew have done many joint Twilight interviews together where everything seems to be fine and dandy for a couple we thought was totally kaput.

As for Cameron’s bounce-back from her thwarted flirting mission, I don’t know, but she’s probably on a yacht with P.Diddy somewhere, so don’t feel too bad for her.