10 Things That Confuse Robert Pattinson

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10 Things That Confuse Robert Pattinson
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“Nothing makes sense anymore,” Rob Pattinson confessed to the nation during a Thursday appearance on NBC’s “Today.” 

Joking or not, the man constantly plagued with that charming, confused look on his face apparently has a lot of inspiration when it comes to being puzzled. 

Here are ten things that make your favorite vampire ponder…

10. His Kissing Powers:

"I just noticed, this is a very clear example of it,” Rob told Jimmy Kimmel after watching a Twilight makeout scene. “Every single scene I end up kissing someone..."

His lips—he explained—have a magnetic quality to them.

"I don't understand, my lip is literally like a vacuum," he said. 

9. Nicknames:

During Thursday’s episode of “Today,” Rob Pattinson addressed the topic of his now widely used nickname RPatz. Turns out, he’s not a fan.

"I don't understand what the nickname culture is," said Pattinson. "If I could figure out a way to get rid of that, it would be amazing because it does sound like an antacid tablet.”

8. What’s on His Pants:

“What have I got all over my legs? … I feel like I’ve just fallen in some mud,” he told Savannah Guthrie, brushing off his legs. 

This was either a minor oversight by the actor before going on air or a brilliant effort to stall relationship questions from the pestering morning co-anchor. 

7. Men’s Eyebrows:

Why can’t men pluck their eyebrows like girls do? That was the question Rob posed later in his appearance on “Today.”

“I just noticing that I have enormous eyebrows,” watching a scene from Breaking Dawn – Part 2 alongside KStew. “I wish it was acceptable for guys to pluck them and structure them like hers [Kristen's] are.”

6. Nutrition Facts on Cereal Boxes:

“It’s only 30 calories of fat,” he previously told “Good Morning America’s” George Stephanopoulos, examining a box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal that the interviewer gifted to him.

Again, this is either the result of a nervous Rob forced into the hot seat for the promotion of his film Cosmopolis, or a question dodger. More importantly, it’s charm-gushing statements like this that Twihards gush over day in and day out. 

5. Interviews:

"My biggest problem in my life is that I'm cheap,” Rob told Jon Stewart on a 2012 episode of “The Daily Show,” adding, “I didn't hire a publicist."

However, it’s for this same reason that he is able to talk interviewers in circles, leaving them more confused than when they began the conversation. A true master at his craft…

On the downside, it also leads to statements like this:

"I had a joke prepared … God damn it. I was all set up and ready to go.”

4. What the Big Freakin’ Deal He Is:

No one is more confused about all the hype and success surrounding the Twilight franchise than Robert Pattinson himself. 

“I can’t really tell what’s interesting with actors,” Rob told Stephanopoulos on “GMA.” 

“People don’t find the lives—the personal lives—of people with much, much more power than any celebrity would have… they don’t find their personal lives interesting,” he added. 

But whatever he’s doing, there’s not even a drip of doubt that Rob’s techniques are working at wooing the masses.

3. How Many Twilight Movies He’s Actually Made:

“I think we’re on like number 32…” he half-joked during an August 2011 appearance on Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show. 

On the cusp of the release of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2, the final installment after four years of straight vampiring, you’ve got to imagine the movies are starting to blend together for the cast. 

Unfortunately for Twihards, Rob’s 32-film projection is a little off…If you want 32 films, you’ll have to rewatch each of the four films eight times. (#math) 

2. Texas:

During a getaway road trip, Rob stumbled into the Texan city of Post. Here, he discovered an eerie “novelty western town” that was nothing more than overpriced sandwiches, a remote control helicopter shop, and Christmas music playing (in the summer) seemingly out of nowhere. 

For a Brit, the bizarre American scene must have been scarring. He spoke about the experience on the same August 2011 episode of “The Ellen Show.”

“They’re very strange there,” an audience member agreed.

1. His Tongue: 

“Why does my tongue… My tongue keeps coming out of my mouth,” Rob told host Jimmy Kimmel during his appearance on the late night show this August.

It was at that point the actor realized his unconscious reaction to stick his tongue out upon hearing the screams of thousands of female fans. 

“Maybe you’re instinctively trying to French kiss them all?” Kimmel suggested. 

I think I speak for everyone in the audience when I say: They wish.