Robert Pattinson To Open His Own Pub

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Robert Pattinson To Open His Own Pub
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If those “Robert Pattinson is an alcoholic” rumors weren’t bad enough, here’s Rpatz himself adding more fuel to the fire.

Rob just told OMG Yahoo UK that when the time is right, he wants to own a bar.

“I would love to own a pub in London at some point,” says the actor, “I wouldn’t want to buy a pub that was all trendy and done Gastro style food, I just want a real working men’s pub.”

That’s actually really cool. If RPatz wasn’t already my imaginary boyfriend, this just got him even more brownie points. Follow up questions? Where will this pub be located and when will it open and is Rob just going to be a financial owner or is her going to stop into the pub from time to time? Uhh, I'm asking for a friend.

Rob is so serious about this bar owning business, but he doesn’t want it to become a “hot spot.”

“I probably wouldn’t even go public that I owned it; I wouldn’t want it to become the sort of place people went to spot celebrities. I just want it to be a real pub where men discuss the issues of the day."

Apparently, pubs are going extinct, or something? I have no idea, we don’t have pubs in L.A., but apparently they are a big deal in the UK.

“The UK is the home of pubs, and we need to make sure we protect them. Men putting the world to rights over a few pints puts the Great into Great Britain; we have to fight to keep that,” says Rob.

I’ll drink to that!