Robert Downey Jr. Won't Do Tropic Thunder Sequel

February 4, 2009 By:
Robert Downey Jr. Won't Do Tropic Thunder Sequel

Don't You Die On Me, Foley! Kirk Lazarus may have gotten Robert Downey Jr. a Best Supporting Actor nomination, but don't expect to see a Tropic Thunder sequel anytime soon.

Robert said that if the opportunity to shoot Tropic Thunder the sequel came up, he would most likely reject it because "it wouldn't be as good."

He says, "I have a feeling that we'd still make some money but it probably wouldn't be as good. (But) I'd like to work with Ben (Stiller) again."

Robert played Kirk Lazarus in the film - an Australian method actor who undergoes an operation to darken his skin in order to play an African-American character.

He was absolutely hilarious in the movie--perhaps the funniest role he's ever played! Would you want to see Tropic Thunder Part II? What do you think the sequel should be about?