Robert Downey Jr.: I Pleasure Myself to 'Top Gun'

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Robert Downey Jr.: I Pleasure Myself to 'Top Gun'
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Today we learned a key element of Robert Downey Jr.’s process. His sexual process, that is.

During a previous sit-down alongside Kiss Kiss Bang Bang co-star Val Kilmer, the Iron Man actor devulged to iFilm interviewer Leo Quinones his questionable habit of getting frisky while watching the 1986 classic Top Gun. Long story short, RDJ likes to whack off to it.

In case you’re unaware of this particular film’s legacy, all you really need to know to get the full effect of Robert’s uncomfortable confession is that it is the most unintentionally homoerotic movie of all time.

Also, in KKBB, Kilmer (who also co-stars with Tom Cruise in Top Gun) plays a homosexual character that goes by the alias “Gay Perry.”

Here’s how the interview went down:

Leo Quinones: Do you agree with what people are saying about Top Gun being overtly gay?

Robert Downey Jr.: The first time I jacked off to Top Gun

LQ: The first time? Just the first time?

RDJ: …was the scene where he [Kilmer] says, “I know you’re thinking about me, Robert,” right into the camera. 

Val Kilmer tried his best to not be embarrassed beside the two hooligans who, at least in our opinion, are having way too much fun at his expense. Watch the clip below:

Wanna jerk like Downey Jr.?

In case you missed all the gay undertones during the high-flying action in Top Gun, this YouTube sequence does a good job of summarizing it for you: