Robert Downey, Jr. and Wife Expecting First Child

August 31, 2011 By:
Robert Downey, Jr. and Wife Expecting First Child

Robert Downey, Jr. and his wife of six years, Susan Levin, are about to have their first child together. I think Robert Downey, Jr. should have announced it by showing up on the red carpet and rubbing his stomach.

Susan's aunt, Nancy Miller, confirmed the news to Star: "I think it's wonderful that she's pregnant."

Miller continues: "The baby is due in February. Susan's father, my brother, called me about three weeks ago with the good news. Her parents are over the moon about it."

I'm not 100% fluent in 1950s slang, but I think that means they're happy.

While this is the couple's first child together, Robert, 46, has an 18 year-old son, Indio, from his first marriage.

Susan is a 37 year-old film producer, and Robert has often credited her with giving her a stable relationship, which helped him to overcome his drug addictions. It was during his first marriage, with actress/singer Deborah Falconer, that Downey, Jr. suffered with his addictions.

"Susan is cut from a slightly different cloth from Deb and I, and she's provided a great new framework for lots of things. Susan doesn't care if this building fell down and we never did another movie again so long as we were happy and loving and together, but so long as it hasn't, she's operating on the fact there's a lot of sh-t to get done."

Robert added that: "She is a master at it - I wouldn't be surprised if she built the pyramids."

But that doesn’t mean that the relationship isn't without its issues:

"Do we have to work at the relationship? More than I thought. And usually more than I would care to. But ultimately, it's nice to have pure communication with, for me, a woman. Historically this is not something that, for me, was not really achievable."

As for details on the pregnancy, the couple hasn't released any further information. But Levin's aunt adds:

"It [doesn’t] really matter if it’s a boy or a girl. What really matters is that the baby is healthy.”

Meanwhile, Robert has finished most of his filming for The Avengers, which is slated for release next year. He's now about to take on his next project, Iron Man 3. Coolest dad ever.