Expectant Dad Robert Downey Jr. is Having "Sympathy Cravings"

December 7, 2011 By:
Expectant Dad Robert Downey Jr. is Having

Robert Downey Jr. went on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Monday night and announced that he and his wife were having a baby boy, but Downey Jr. tells Hollyscoop that this may not be true?

"The funny thing is, we're having a girl," Downey Jr. told Hollyscoop at the Los Angeles premiere of "Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows".

So what is it? Boy or Girl? "[We] just confused everyone," says Downey Jr.’s wife Susan Downey.

While we get to the bottom of this "boy/girl" debacle, Downey Jr. says while his wife is the one carrying the baby, that's doesn't mean he can't have his own "sympathy cravings"- which is that thing when a guy uses his wife's pregnancy as an excuse to eat whatever he wants.

"Sympathy cravings?" says Downey Jr., "You mean like pickles and ice cream? I just call that after-workout protein shake."

Since Downey Jr. decided to break the babies gender announcement on Jay Leno, Leno of course had to give him a baby gift.

"Well first of all, he gave us a diaper disposer thing in the shape of Iron Man," joked Downey Jr.

All joking aside, Downey says Leno gifted the happy couple with "two beautiful blankets and two little stuffed animals, really soft."

Not only is Robert Downey Jr. an Oscar nominated actor, a dad, and a very attractive man, he also recently sang with Sting at Sting's own 60th birthday bash and actually has a really good voice, proving that Robert Downey Jr. is the most perfect human man ever.

Downey Jr. said he ended up singing at the birthday concert because Sting asked him to, "Well he asked," deadpans Downey, "I thought it might be fun, I thought he wanted me to do some MC thing, next thing you know I'm singing "Driven to Tears" but I actually saw some of [my singing] on the Jay Leno show last night and I believe I was singing in the correct key."

His wife confirmed that his performance was "really good."

But back to this baby-thing. When Downey Jr. appeared on Jay Leno he told Leno that his wife would not allow him to tell anyone anything about the baby's gender, he couldn't even tell his family.

"I am not permitted to discuss it, I can't say a word," he told Leno before blurting out "We're having a boy!" and then covering his mouth with his hand in mock horror.

Susan Downey says she can't get mad at him for spilling the beans.

"Oh you know, I can't stay mad at him for very long," She tells Hollyscoop, "It wasn't planned, it wasn't some gag."