7 Celebrities Who Have Been Arrested More Times Than Lindsay Lohan

December 1, 2012 By:
7 Celebrities Who Have Been Arrested More Times Than Lindsay Lohan


Lindsay Lohan has been arrested so many times, we’ve all practically lost count. There’s so many numbers involved at this point that it’s become a question on the math section of the current SATs (only high schoolers primed for Harvard have been rumored to solve it).

Following the latest evolution of Lindsay’s brush with the law in New York for knocking a psychic upside the crystal ball (her head), this brings the troubled socialite to a grand total of six official arrests on her record (seven if we count arresting her for the crime that is “Liz & Dick”).

However, believe it or not, there are celebs out there who’ve been arrested just as much, and more times than Lindsay Lohan, yours truly. Here’s some of the bad boys that put Lindz in “good” company…

Robert Downey, Jr.: RDJ had a decade there where he wasn’t made of steel. The celebrated Iron Man actor was put behind metal bars routinely throughout the ‘90s while he battled with various drug-related charges. Arrest record: 6 times.

Snoop Dogg: The rapper who once collaborated on a song with Lindsay has been in jail so many times, that we’re suspecting this is where the two actually met. Snoop’s rappizle sheet got underway nearly two decades ago for his alleged connection in a drive by murder case that was eventually accompanied by illegal weapons and narcotics possession, trespassing, and more. Arrest record: 8.

Mike Tyson: Not a stranger to controversy, the heavyweight boxer has been put behind bars for petty violations to much more violent ones, assault and battery and rape among them. Arrest record: 7.

Sean Penn: In case you forgot that Sean Penn hit Madonna across the head with a baseball bat google “Sean Penn hit Madonna across the head with a baseball bat.” The actor has been taken into custody for other forms of violence, much of which involves scuffles with the paparazzi. Arrest record: 6.

DMX: The once-popular rapper didn’t leave an illegal stone unturned having committed violations that range the A-Z alphabet: cocaine, criminal impersonation, vehicular negligence, breaking parole, etc. Arrest record: 13.

T.I.: Over the past decade, the rapper and reality TV star came under fire for weapons possession and various arrest charges that had him in the slammer just as much as LiLo. Arrest record: 6 times.

Martin Sheen: Yes, Martin Sheen has had more run ins with the law than his son Charlie Sheen. Except it’s not what you think. Martin, who’s also a very vocal activist for various causes and advocate of non-violent protests, has a growing rap sheet that includes trespassing on a nuclear test site in Nevada and civil disobedience against Ronald Reagan in the ‘80s. Arrest record: 66.