Robert De Niro Replaced By Val Kilmer

March 10, 2008 By:
Robert De Niro Replaced By Val Kilmer

"You talking to me?!" This is what De Niro must have been thinking when he was replaced by Val Kilmer in the upcoming film "New Orleans." Ok, ok, it actually happened the other way around.

De Niro has reportedly pulled out of the film, and the producers have cast Val Kilmer. No word on if its Robert's role. De Niro was due to team up with rapper/actor 50 Cent in the Charles Winkler-directed movie, about a police officer who uncovers a trail of deceit and corruption in the police force as he searches for the killer of his former partner. According to Kilmer's official website, he will be taking on the role of "a burly rough but loyal cop. 50 is my partner..."

It is not yet clear whether De Niro is still attached to the project, reports New Orleans would have been De Niro's second movie
with 50 Cent - the pair has just finished filming the upcoming crime drama "Righteous Kill."