Robbie Williams Pissed at Paris

February 13, 2008 By:
Robbie Williams Pissed at Paris

Robbie Williams is pissed off that Paris Hilton have moved into his neighborhood. She's basically caused him nothing but headaches since she moved in.

A source tells the Sun: "Paris has a new house five doors down from Robbie Williams - and he is spitting mad about it. Robbie sped past her the other day in a chauffeur-driven car and completely ignored her.

"She is in the process of building a disco underneath her mansion so she can keep the parties going long after the clubs shut. If the late-night high jinks start disturbing Robbie, he will be absolutely furious," the source said.

So how do you get rid of someone that won't leave? Leave your suggestions for Robbie in the comments section.