Robbie Williams to Adopt

June 7, 2010 By:
Robbie Williams to Adopt

Robbie Williams is ready to be a dad. The somewhat troubled singer said he felt "instant guilt" over the earthquake in Haiti and wants to adopt a child from there.

Robbie teamed up with United Nations children's organization UNICEF for a visit to the country and was heartbroken when he saw how many children were left without parents.

He says, "I went with UNICEF and it is by far the worst place I've ever visited. I wanted to adopt straight away.

"I'll probably have a couple and then adopt a couple too. It's something we've talked about. When you go to somewhere like Haiti it does make you feel like you want to help. It's the instant guilt thing you get when you go out there.

He continued, "It's awful what has happened. Working with kids has made me want to have them. It's on the horizon. I don't know when. I've got a few things I want to do before that happens."