Rob Lowe Speaks Up About the Nanny Scandal

April 23, 2008 By:
Rob Lowe Speaks Up About the Nanny Scandal

Rob Lowe has sat down with everyone's favorite exaggerators, Entertainment Tonight, to voice his thoughts on the current investigation going on with his former nanny.

He responded to the allegations that he sexually harassed his nanny by saying, "We live in a time where anybody can say anything about
anybody. You want to defend your family! Now it's in the court system and potentially a criminal investigation. The support has been fantastic and really, really humbling."

Rob seems to be able to keep a positive attitude about the whole situation. "The whole thing is very sad. But the family's great, the boys are great. They are affected by it, but they're moving through it. My boys understand that being a celebrity sometimes exposes you to some really bad stuff and sometimes you get a VIP tour of Disneyland."

Who do you believe? Rob Lowe or the nanny?