Rob Lowe Might Replace Regis on 'Live' With Kelly Ripa

January 6, 2012 By:
Rob Lowe Might Replace Regis on 'Live' With Kelly Ripa

Awww but what about ‘Parks and Rec’?

Rob Lowe just wrapped up two days of guest hosting with Kelly Ripa on ‘Live With ____ and Kelly’. (Since Regis left the show, there’s been a gaping hole we’re all wondering who will end up filling.)

Turns out, Robe Lowe might end up filling that hole. I should really think of another way of saying that sentence. But I won’t.

According to TMZ, an ABC source says head honchos “loved the chemistry between [Rob and Kelly].” Network exectutives have reportedly talked to Lowe’s reps about making it a permanent job. But Lowe, who already stars in Parks and Recreation remains non-committal.

Typical man.

TMZ just shot Rob leaving NYC at JFK airport. When their camera guys asked him, “do you think you could live in New York?” Lowe responded:

"We were just talking about that. I love New York. I love the energy. It would be a change of pace. I'm a California boy, but It could be fun."

Andy Cohen, Carson Kressley, and Ripa’s husband, Mark Consuelos, have all guest hosted on the show and are possible contenders as a Regis replacement.

TV Guide lists Cohen as a decent contendor because he “had good chemistry with Ripa.” The only problem?

“He’s not as recognized a name outside the Bravo universe.”

Carson is praised as a “natural improviser” but the mag doesn’t see him leading the conversation.

And as for Consuelos, who wants to watch a husband and wife host a TV show together? What is this, Jim Bakker’s PTL Club?