More Drama In The Lowe Household

May 1, 2008 By:
More Drama In The Lowe Household

Rob Lowe and his wife have just been slapped with another lawsuit. Another
former nanny of the family filed a lawsuit Wednesday, accusing Sheryl Lowe of sexual harassment. Laura Boyce says during her stint as nanny for seven months, Sheryl created an "extremely sexually offensive and hostile work environment ... behaving in a ... perverted, disgusting and crude manner."

Laura says Sheryl even used the "n" word to describe her boyfriend who was an NBA player.

Boyce accuses Sheryl of exposing herself and walking around naked
constantly, and asking about her boyfriend's private parts and talked about Sheryl's sex life with Rob.

How messed up is that? After the first lawsuit, it was hard to imagine the
situation was true. But after hearing the details of the second one, it
seems some fishy may have been going on in the Lowe household!