Rob Kardashian Parties With Strippers To Mend Broken Heart

December 12, 2012 By:
Rob Kardashian Parties With Strippers To Mend Broken Heart

Rob Kardashian broke up with his unfaithful girlfriend Rita Ora (who reportedly cheated on him with 20 men!) and headed to the strip club to drown his sorrows in g-strings and breast implants.

Rob shared his night-out via Twitter. Was he trying to make Rita jealous? Possibly. However, I don’t think Rob knows that women aren’t jealous of strippers, we just aren’t, except for how much money they make per hour. Those girls are LOADED!

Rob posted a photo of him partying with a fully clothed stripper named Yaris Sanchez, who apparently is famous for appearing in rap videos, “modeling” and stripping. She’s a very high-profile stripper and again, Rob is probably trying to send Rita a message, like “hay gurrl, does my exotic friend make you miss me more? She got butt implants!”

Rob also posted a photo of some stripper’s ass and another freakishly flexible woman doing something I can only describe as “human scissor.”

Rob’s testosterone filled night was just breakup remedy #1. Like all single women before him, Rob put on some lbs post break-up.

Rob stepped out in LA recently looking a little chubs. He also tweeted, “Man I gained wayyyyyy too much weight. I’m at 220 right now! Time to be a beast! Healthy food and loads of cardio starts manana. Fat boy!”

Good luck Rob, who needs a pop star girlfriend when there are so many strippers waiting for your dollar bills?