Rob Kardashian NOT Going to USC Law School, Says USC Law School

August 8, 2012 By:
Rob Kardashian NOT Going to USC Law School, Says USC Law School

For a good two days, Rob Kardashian had me rethinking my entire academic career when the Kardashian spawn announced that he was accepted into USC Law School.

Yes, Rob Kardashian was going to be a lawyer, until USC Law School’s official Twitter page shot down the rumors saying Rob hasn’t even applied. Hah!

This USC Law School Twitter account is managed by the executive director of PR for the school, so it appears pretty legit.

I can’t wait for Rob to explain his way out of this one. “I, uh well, I really LIKE USC and I want to go to Law School someday, uhhhh MOOOOOMMM!” and then Kris Jenner runs in with a camera crew and forces Kim K and Kanye to make a sex tape and we all forget the whole thing. Ready, set, go!

This reminds me of last week when Kendall and Kris Jenner tweeted that they were at a Victoria’s Secret fashion shoot, leading everyone to believe that Kendall was modeling for the iconic panty brand.

Turns out Kendall was just visiting a photographer friend on set and wasn’t actually modeling for the brand. She (almost) had us fooled.

Such a cheap and lame way to rack up more Kardashian PR. I’m not even surprised Rob tweeted the faux Law School tweet. Boooo.

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