5 Best Rob Kardashian Before and After Photos

February 26, 2013 By:
5 Best Rob Kardashian Before and After Photos
Image By: FameFlyNet

Rob Kardashian stepped out in Los Angeles yesterday looking like Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy surrogate. The youngest Kardashian is quite the big boy.

Rob has openly admitted that he gained 40 pounds while dating Rita Ora and now he’s on a super quest to drop the weight.

Rob went on a hike with rapper The Game as part of the 60 Days of Fitness plan and because we LOVE Rob so much, here are some side by sides of Rob looking HAWT paired with Rob looking like he did yesterday.

1. Rob strolling his way to weight loss versus Rob just chillin’ out with his svelte self.

2. Rob making the most out of his hike versus Rob casually strutting down the street on his way to the gym.

3. Rob mugging for the camera and dropping those lbs versus Rob just standing there like a tall drink of water!

4. Rob going in for the kill with a lady friend versus Rob looking slender in all black. Ow!

5. Rob tryin' to get up that hill versus Rob during rehearsal for “Dancing With The Stars” while he walks AWAY FROM a taco truck.