"Rob & Big" - New MTV Reality Show Contest

November 2, 2006 By:

Meet MTV's modern-day odd couple as the network premieres "Rob & Big," a new reality comedy series starring professional street skateboarder, Rob Dyrdek and his bodyguard and best friend, Christopher "Big Black" Boykin, along with their talented pup, Meaty.

"Rob & Big" is created by Jeff Tremaine, one of the creators of MTV's "Jackass" and "Wildboyz" series, as well as both "Jackass" movies. The show premieres tonight, Thursday, November 2nd at 10:30PM (ET/PT)Check out their official site and meaty's official myspace page.

MTV showcases the unpredictable daily lives of this unlikely duo living together in Rob's Hollywood Hills home where they experience the craziness of domestic life.

Wanna win an official Rob Dyrdek-autographed Alien Workshop skate deck and MTV shirt and hat? If you've been an avid Hollyscoop reader, you should have no problems answering the following questions to win the contest...the first person to answer all the questions correctly wins the goodies!

1. Who recently entered rehab for weight issues?

2. Which famed photographer labeled the Simpson sisters as “talent less”

3. Which A-list celebrity is suing journalists from E! for trespassing on his/her property?

4. Which celebrity underwent really bad plastic surgery than sold his/her story to the tabs?

5. Which celebrity found out that her husband has a secret 15-year-old daughter?

6. Which pop star is currently in Dublin recording an upcoming album and is seen walking around town with a mask?

Leave your answers in the 'comments' section, and don't forget to enter your email address! Good luck...