Where in the World Has Rihanna NOT Been Topless?

May 1, 2014 By:
Where in the World Has Rihanna NOT Been Topless?
Image By: Lui

Rihanna caused a social media commotion, particularly with Instagram, when she posted a fully topless photo of herself on a Brazilian magazine. The image had her temporarily suspended from the site.

But this isn’t the first (or last) time RiRi’s topless self has turned heads, she’s been parading this look around all over the world and in almost every country. See if you can look past Rihanna (impossible) and discern where she is…



A beautiful beach, majestic rock wall and a tropical hat. Oh, and boobies.


Los Angeles


Here she is waking up after participating in a Halloween party in West Hollywood. Oh, and boobies.




Leaving a runway show in the only city that would let her get away with this high-fashion, daring outfit in public. Oh, and boobies.




Well, besides Stockholm that is. Bestie Melissa Forde kept her top opaque. Oh, and boobies.


New York City

Anthony Dixon \ WENN

Cobblestone streets and a cool brick building would be the kind of fashionable place to go all out style-wise. We wonder if Vento is a good restaurant? Oh, and boobies.


United Kingdom


Just prepping for an Esquire (UK) cover. Check out all the cool clothes behind her! Oh, and boobies.