Video: Super Drunk Rihanna Escorted from Concert

July 9, 2013 By:
Video: Super Drunk Rihanna Escorted from Concert

“Cheers (Drink to That)”. “Drunk On Love”. “Pour It Up”.

Fans of Rihanna’s music—and the lucky/poor few who were invited to fly her 777 chartered jet—know she’s no stranger to the bottle.

Nor do the Polish attendees of the Heineken Open’er Festival in the city of Gdynia, where this clip was captured.

We won’t describe the video to you any more than just filling you in on what this YouTube video is aptly titled—“Rihanna looks totally drunk at the Kings of Leon concert in Poland"—and then tell you to watch it.

Let’s run over the shortlist of arguments debating whether or not she is wasted in the ~15 seconds above.

– She’s wearing thigh-high gladiator boots while walking on a path paved in sand, so you better have an Olympic gold medal the floor exercise before you determine she’s 110% inebriated
– She’s trolling The Wanted’s song “Walks Like Rihanna”
There’s another video of her entering a hotel in Poland and walking relatively normal (then again, maybe she just "Oh, let the Jameson sink in" on the ride over?)

– She’s at a festival sponsored by Heineken